Junior Council


The Junior Council (JC) is a board of young professionals that works to increase visibility and support for New Destiny and build the next generation of supporters. JC members are dedicated to furthering New Destiny’s mission of creating long-term safety and stability for low-income families and individuals at risk of domestic violence and homelessness by providing housing and related services.

  • Nameeta Kamath Baxter, Chair
    (Morgan Stanley)
  • Jessica Wason, Vice President, Events Committee
    (The Trade Desk)
  • Erica Hollander
  • Bhavini Parmar
    (Morgan Stanley)
  • Raquel Rivera

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Junior Council Membership

The JC seeks members for the board with a diverse range of experience, skills, and circles of outreach and influence. Successful members share a high level of dedication to the group’s mission and are committed to furthering our cause.

Membership Requirements

We ask that members commit to one year of membership (defined by our fiscal year end in June), during which you will also serve on one or more committees:

  • Events
  • Social
  • Fundraising

You will be expected to attend a minimum of 7 of the 12 monthly Junior Council meetings during the year (meetings will alternate between in-person and teleconferences), in addition to those scheduled by their respective sub-committees.

In order to experience New Destiny’s inspiring work first-hand and foster a personal connection to its mission, junior council members participate in quarterly events on-site at New Destiny’s tenant buildings.

Furthermore, members contribute to planning and hosting our two cornerstone fundraising events each year.

Finally, in order to demonstrate personal commitment to New Destiny’s mission, each member is required to make a personally meaningful individual financial contribution to the organization at the end of each calendar year.

Have a question about the Junior Council or interested in joining?
Please contact us at: NewDestinyJuniorCouncil@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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