Emergency Shelter

Domestic Violence Emergency Shelters

Getting Access: Contact NYC’s Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-621-HOPE (4673). Call at any time. This number is staffed 24/7.

Maximum Stay: 180 days

Things to know:

  • Domestic violence shelter is confidential (no one will be able to find you).
  • Shelters provide services to help you and your children, including counseling, obtaining court and domestic violence documents, and help finding permanent housing.
  • You will have to follow the rules and curfews of the shelter to help ensure the safety of all shelter residents.

General Homeless System: Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Shelters

Getting Access: Families and individuals in immediate need of shelter can go to the following intake centers in person 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Families with Children Under 21 and Pregnant Women should go to the PATH intake center located at 151 East 151st Street in the Bronx. Click here for more information on the PATH intake center in the Bronx.

  • Single Adults should go to one of the Single Men/Women’s Assessment Centers.
    There are two intake centers for single women:

    • HELP Women’s Shelter at 116 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn (between Liberty Avenue and Glenmore Avenue)
    • The Franklin Shelter at 1122 Franklin Avenue, Bronx (near East 166th Street)

    There is one intake center for single men:

    • 30th Street Intake Center in Manhattan at 400-430 East 30th Street (near 1st Avenue).

    Transgender individuals may seek shelter at the intake center that matches their gender identify.

  • Adult Families (no children under 21 in the household) should go to the Adult Family Intake Center at 400-430 East 30th Street (near 1st Avenue) in Manhattan

Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence: Persons applying for shelter should disclose they are victims of domestic violence when they arrive at any of the intake centers and ask to speak to someone at the NoVA (No Violence Again) Unit for a special domestic violence screening. NoVA may be able to help families and individuals access the confidential domestic violence shelter system or can recommend that shelter applicants be placed in general shelters located in safe areas of the City away from where the abuse occurred. Click here for information on NoVA.

Maximum Stay: No maximum as long as household is actively looking for housing.

Things to know: These shelters are not in confidential locations and there may not be any services related to healing from domestic violence at these locations. Persons entering the general homeless system who need specialized domestic violence services should contact a non-residential domestic violence service provider for support.

For more information about DHS shelters visit DHS’s website.