Family Homelessness Coalition

As a co-founder, New Destiny remains a leader of the Family Homelessness Coalition (FHC), as a co-convener, along with Enterprise Community Partners and Citizen’s Committee for Children, and as part of the FHC Steering Committee, helping to guide the advocacy and outreach.

The FHC is comprised of 18 organizations representing service and housing providers and children’s advocacy organizations, advocates, and New Yorkers who have experienced family homelessness firsthand. Together, the FHC strives to strengthen prevention and post-shelter services for at-risk families, promoting child and family well-being when shelter is unavoidable, and advocating for the creation of more permanent housing resources for homeless children and their families. To achieve this, the FHC advocates for policies and resources that prioritize homeless families with children on the City’s homelessness agenda including recommendations and priorities for Fiscal Year 2023.

Articles highlighting the FHC’s work and leadership include:

For more information, visit the FHC’s website and follow on twitter.