The EHV Housing Navigator Program: helping survivors find stability

Launched in December 2021, the EHV Housing Navigator Program provides housing search assistance to domestic violence survivors who have received Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV). EHV Housing Navigators identify appropriate units based on safety, affordability, and family size and help voucher recipients navigate the paperwork and bureaucracy that is required to move into their new homes. Finding safe, affordable housing in the city, especially with a subsidy, is incredibly difficult. Emilia’s story below, shows how daunting this process is:

Emilia, a domestic violence survivor was referred to the Emergency Housing Voucher Housing Navigator Program (EHVHNP) program in March. Just two months after, Emilia and the Housing Navigator quickly secured an apartment and submitted completed landlord package.

The first obstacle that Emilia faced was that the initial rent rate did not fit NYCHA’s requirements. Advocating on behalf of Emilia, the Housing Navigator worked with the management company to lower the rate. The unit was then approved by NYCHA in late June. Although the management submitted all necessary paperwork to NYCHA, they became concerned when one month passed without an update and stated that they would no longer hold the apartment while the paperwork was being processed.

The EHV Housing Navigator and Supervisor worked diligently to heighten this case at NYCHA while continuing to engage with the broker and management company. Simultaneously, the Supervisor brought in the program’s Landlord Engagement Manager who was able to work with a partner agency to receive funding to provide the landlord with an owner incentive equivalent to one month’s rent. Many emails and phone calls later from the entire team, the management firm agreed to allow Emilia to move forward with the unit. The client moved into her apartment in early August and the owner incentive was mailed out by the partner agency that same week.

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