How can I transfer my housing assistance? What if my abuser is on my lease?

Victims of domestic violence may be entitled to transfer their housing assistance to a new unit or transfer from their public housing apartment if they are in danger and can document their risk. Other grounds for transfers may also exist such as poor housing conditions or substantial changes to family size or disability status. More information on your rights to a transfer.

In general, in order to transfer one’s housing assistance the abuser cannot be on the lease/voucher. In order for victims who live with their abusers to transfer their assistance they must first get the abuser excluded from their household. For residents of NYCHA public housing or section 8 apartments, that process is known as “bifurcation” where the assistance of the victim can be split from the abuser. Victims of intimate partner violence who need help with Public Housing transfers or bifurcation requests should contact Sanctuary for Families for assistance. Victims of other types of crime and abuse should reach out to Safe Horizon for support.

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