Is it true that I have to leave my DV shelter and go to PATH if I cannot find housing by a certain date?

HRA Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter stays are limited by New York State regulation to a maximum of 180 days. If you cannot find housing at the end of your stay your shelter provider will work with you to safely transition to another option such as DHS shelter, a DV Tier II or someplace else you are able to identify that is safe. Please note that there is no statutory limit to length of stay in DV Tier II or DHS shelters. If you believe you are being unfairly discharged from shelter please follow your shelter’s grievance procedure. For additional support you may reach out to the Coalition for the Homeless or Legal Aid’s Homeless Rights Project.

Families in DHS shelter or at risk of entering DHS shelter may also reach out to the Ombudsman’s Office.

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