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Reports and Stats

Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter Outcomes since the Elimination of Advantage: Key Findings

The report highlights the impact of the City’s elimination of the Advantage rental assistance program in March 2011 on the housing outcomes of domestic violence emergency shelter residents. New Destiny found that there was an increase in the number of residents leaving shelter for less stable housing and unknown destinations.

Outcomes of Domestic Violence Shelter Stays, Fiscal Year 2010

The report provides an overview of key findings from Coalition survey data on the outcomes and profile of domestic violence shelter residents exiting shelter from July 2009 to June 2010, prior to the August 2010 elimination of DV Advantage, a rental subsidy for survivors of domestic violence.

NYCHA and Section 8 DV Priority Applications

The report summarizes key findings from Coalition survey data collected from domestic violence shelters in 2009, tracking the impact of the April 2006 changes to the domestic violence documentation requirements for the domestic violence priority for NYCHA Public Housing and Section 8 assistance.

CY 2009 Summary DV Shelter Discharge Data

The data provide an overview of the destinations of residents discharged from the domestic violence shelter system during calendar year 2009.

Length of Stay Report

The report, based on data collected from 38 New York City domestic violence shelters during calendar year 2008, examines the relationship between the length of stay in emergency domestic violence shelters and the housing destinations of shelter residents upon discharge. The report found that longer stays resulted in improved housing outcomes for shelter residents.

Outcomes of Domestic Violence Shelter Stays since Launch of DV Advantage

The data in the report represent a summary of the findings from the Coalition surveys from November 2007 through January 2008, when DV Advantage launched, as compared to findings during the same period last year when the Housing Stability Plus (HSP) program was still in operation.

Outcomes of Domestic Violence Shelter Stays Since Launch of Housing Stability Plus (HSP)

The report analyzes data collected from domestic violence shelters from April through July 2005. A restructured survey format allowed New Destiny to collect and analyze information about where women are going upon leaving shelter and how the HSP program affected the permanent housing placements of women in the emergency shelter system.

Discharge Destinations and Types of Housing 2004-2009

The report summarizes the destinations and housing outcomes of residents discharged from domestic violence shelters from 2004-2009, through the lens of the different rental subsidies available, including HSP and Advantage, at various points throughout this period.

On the Verge of Homelessness: The Impact of DPE Discharges on Domestic Violence Survivors (August 2004)

The report summarizes key findings from 101 interviews conducted with domestic violence survivors during the summers of 2003 and 2004, focusing on the anticipated destinations of residents who had reached or were nearing the end of their maximum 135-day in the emergency domestic violence shelter system.