Our Impact

New Destiny is the one of the only organizations in New York City that is dedicated to building supportive and affordable housing for domestic violence survivors and their children who are homeless.

Each year, nearly 100% of the families in our buildings remain stable in their housing and free from new incidents of domestic violence. By offering a platform to heal, tenants in our buildings can go back to school or take classes to improve their job prospects. A 2020-21 independent evaluation of the program by researchers from Simmons University School of Social Work, led by Kristie A. Thomas, PhD, found that our affordable, permanent housing combined with specially tailored services provides housing stability and a foundation that allows survivors to progress in other areas of their lives.

To prevent families headed by domestic violence survivors from becoming homeless, we created HousingLink which connects low-income survivors to apartments in privately-owned buildings. An independent evaluator has described HousingLink as “an innovative, promising practice.”


  • Developed 16 residential projects in four boroughs, with 347 permanent and transitional units; we own and manage nine of these projects
  • Pioneered a residential services model that helps low-income families and previously homeless survivors to remain stable and safe
  • Created and operates an innovative rapid rehousing program that prevents and reduces homeless in households headed by domestic violence survivors
  • Provide critical information on New York City subsidy programs and on affordable housing that is accessed by 160,000 individuals each year


  • TD Bank – Housing For Everyone (2021, 2017 and 2010)
  • Supportive Housing Network of New York – Residence of the Year Award (2014)
  • Bank of America – Neighborhood Builder (2011)
  • New York State Association for Affordable Housing (2011)