Celia, On Track

Celia, a mother of nine year old twin girls, was referred to HousingLink and within a few weeks had completed an application for an apartment, had been interviewed by the landlord and had viewed the apartment. She was on track to moving into her new home. Unfortunately, when Celia went to re-visit the unit to plan her commute, the location of her children’s school, etc. she ran into her abuser and realized he lived in the neighborhood. Celia remained safe, but she needed to secure an apartment in a different area. The problem was that her Section 8 voucher had expired and it was her third request for an extension (normally only two extensions are allowed) it was unclear if she would be able to keep the voucher. The HousingLink Coordinator, in collaboration with the Family Justice Center case manager advocated on her behalf with the NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development staff. As a result, Celia received a Section 8 voucher, and HousingLink was able to connect her to another two bedroom apartment.

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