Pathway Home

Please note that Pathway Home is not a program offered by New Destiny.

Pathway Home is a NYC DHS program that enables families and individuals to move out of shelter by moving in with friends or family members (“host families”). Pathway Home provides monthly payments to the host family for up to 12 months that is based on the amount of cash assistance the household receives and whether or not the host receives cash assistance. In addition, the program provides a $500 gift card for the individuals coming from shelter and the host family. Pathway Home is open to all eligible families or individuals who have resided in shelter for at least 90 days. Click here to read the Pathway Home FAQ.

Please note that this program replaces the LINC 6 rental assistance program and is not affected by the new CityFHEPS program.

Applications to Pathway Home can only be made through a case manager or housing specialist at a DHS shelter, HRA shelter or Homebase provider.

For more information visit DHS’s Pathway Home page.